“ A great relationship is about two things: First, appreciating the similarities and second, respecting the differences. ”

—    (via psych-facts)


I went to this music festival called rocking the daisies last year and while I was at the peak of my drunk and high state people in baby masks appeared out of nowhere (they were making screaming/crying noises- it was weird) and it remains to be one of the strangest experiences of my life

Also, rocking the daisies 2014 starts tomorrow. Woo, friends!

“ Kiss her. Slowly, take your time, there’s no place you’d rather be. Kiss her but not like you’re waiting for something else, like your hands beneath her shirt or her skirt or tangled up in her bra straps. Nothing like that. Kiss her like you’ve forgotten any other mouth that your mouth has ever touched. Kiss her with a curious childish delight. Laugh into her mouth, inhale her sighs. Kiss her until she moans. Kiss her with her face in your hands. Or your hands in her hair. Or pulling her closer at the waist. Kiss her like you want to take her dancing. Like you want to spin her into an open arena and watch her look at you like you’re the brightest thing she’s ever seen. Kiss her like she’s the brightest thing you’ve ever seen. Take your time. Kiss her like the first and only piece of chocolate you’re ever going to taste. Kiss her until she forgets how to count. Kiss her stupid. Kiss her silent. Come away, ask her what 2+2 is and listen to her say your name in answer. ”

—    Azra.T, ”This Is How You Keep Her” (via petrichour)

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I want cuddles. I want to have his warm rough hands protectively grasping my waist bringing me closer with every breath he takes, every once in a while trailing his fingers up and down my arm and occasionally playing with my hair, my head perfectly fitting underneath his chin burying myself into his chest. Feeling his warm soft breath upon my head giving me a sign of comfort.

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